Making Homemade Lotion

Tonight I made homemade lotion, something I’ve really grown to love doing.  Even better that my fun, crafty activity doubles as a bunch of Christmas gifts for my awesome co-workers.  (Fun-ish fact: over two and a half years ago, I moved to a different city and started working at my first big girl job.  I thought it was going to be terrible – not because of my job, but because of the town.  Turns out this little city of mine has really grown on me, I love my workplace, and I’ve made some amazing friends.  The move I was dreading ended up being one of the best things I’ve ever done.  It’s funny how God works that way.)  Anyway, back to the co-worker Christmas gifts:


Aren’t they cute?  I simply poured my homemade lotion into a few Mason jars, slapped some festive fabric over the lids, and tied them up with twine.  Easy peasy.  The recipe is easy, too.  I won’t spend a lot of time explaining the steps, because this awesome blogger has already done that.  (Seriously – go check her out!  Great blog with lots of tips for natural living.)  All you’ll need is some H20, a little olive oil, emulsifying wax, and an essential oil of your choice.  I used peppermint for a Christmas-y scent:


I bought my essential oils and emulsifying wax from Mountain Rose Herbs.  And I know the recipe says it’s a hand lotion, but I use it as an all-over lotion (even as an eye cream!).  It’s thick, creamy, and wonderful.  I do keep it in the fridge since it’s preservative free (woo hoo!), but I’ve never had a problem with it going bad.  Although, I’m pretty low key, so if anything ever did start to grow in my little mason jar of lotion, I’d probably just scrap it out and keep using the rest.  What’s a little mold (says the girl who eats months old and expired cottage cheese, yogurt, and mayonnaise…).


I think my favorite thing about this gift (aside from the fact that it’s homemade, which is always more thoughtful in my humble opinion), is that it would be really easy to switch up for various occasions.  You could use a lavender essential oil and have a great gift to give to a new mama for her little one.  Or maybe do a floral scent and pair it with a homemade body scrub for your BFF’s birthday.  Or just pick a scent you like and stock pile it for yourself…I won’t judge! :-)


So does anyone else make lotion?  Or something else?  It’s kind of fun, right?!


– E

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